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The Lil Dudes Fake Friends

The Lil Dudes Omar, Anton and Jamal learn a valuable lesson about what it means to be a true friend when they each have an encounter with a two faced big mouth by the name of Freddie Fake. Being just released from jail, Freddie meets Omar at a nearby store and begins to hangout only to talk trash about him and the other Lil Dudes to each other. They all learn a valuable lesson about what it means to be a real friend in the book the "Lil Dudes Fake Friends."


The Lil Dudes/Where's my Money? 

The Lil Dude's  Omar, Anton and Jamal face the neighborhood bully Benny who's taking quarters from all the kids in the neighborhood. They all learn a valuable lesson about bullying. This story has a strong positive message. 
Rock Head/Hard Headed
The story of Ozzie (Rock Head) Brooks. Living with his Grandmother, Ozzie had chores to do like cutting the grass every Saturday morning, but when his friends keep coming by interrupting he decides to quit cutting the grass to hang with friends. He learns a valuable lesson about being hard headed. 
The Life of Little A
Little A and his homeboy Bean goes out on the town looking for a party when they run across a guy by the name of Shorty J who tells them he'll take them to the party for a ride. After they get pulled over by the Police,  they learn a lot about Shorty J. This is a great story for young people. 
The Lil Dudes/ Me and my dog Butch
Lil C-More loves his dog Butch who he takes  everywhere with him. He even takes his dog Butch to school,   but when the neighborhood gang steals his dog, Lil C- More takes to the means streets to get his dog back. This story is great for young people. 
The Younstas/Street Tales
Nathanial (Spider) Gibbs and Leon (Money) King run the streets of South Carolina committing crimes, but when they learn the Police and the Feds are hot on their trail they learn a valuable lesson about what happens when you try to live the street life. Great story for young people.
The Youngstas/Put down the guns
After serving two years in County jail,  Raymond (Ace) Brooks is eager to see his family and friends again, but when his cousin Smoke asks him to ride out with him, Ace find himself back in trouble. A great message for young people. 

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